live broadcast

for Pilsen bishop

changng lame perception of startup events

🎯 Mission: We were tasked with sticking to create content that will attract new Startup into acceleration program.

😎 Target audience: Young startup founders and potential co-founders.

👀 Solution: Advertisement campaign that enforces their inner motivations and attracts even those without the startup ideas.

from pandemic zoom live-streams to aftermovies

captured 3 events.

🎯 Mission: We were tasked with sticking to 60-second scripts from Darwin and the Machines agency while keeping the core message clear. The aim was to break away from the usual banking TikToks.

😎 Target audience: Young adults familiar with TikTok, who are looking for financial insights but in a fun, relatable way.


Live Production

Vojtěch Janovič, Uhumdrum

Production Manager

Pavel Říha, BIP